16 November 2011

Fandom Unbound ~ Connected Otaku Culture!

MIT CMS & Civic Media together with MIT Cool Japan Research Project are hosting UC Irvine cultural anthropology Professor Mimi Ito to speak about Fandom Unbound -- how a marginalized popular culture comes to play a major role in Japan’s identity at home and abroad...
"Otaku culture represents a newly participatory fan culture in which fans not only organize around niche interests but produce and distribute their own media content. How did this once stigmatized Japanese youth culture create its own alternative markets and cultural products such as fan fiction, comics, costumes, and remixes, becoming a major international force that can challenge the dominance of commercial media? By exploring the rich variety of otaku culture from multiple perspectives, Prof. Ito will provide fascinating insights into the present and future of cultural production and distribution in the digital age."

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