26 November 2011

San Antonio++ ~ Crowdsourcing Placemaking

Great placemaking design tool from PPS -- the Project for Public Spaces -- engaging San Antonio's citizens in re-thinking downtown...
"Home to countless attractions, our city has prospered since its beginnings. It is a crossroads for commerce, a haven for tourists, and a source of pride for its residents. Downtown San Antonio has the potential to be so much more. Help us build off of San Antonio 2020 and previous planning efforts to inform the strategic plan for improving the downtown area by mapping your ideas about how to make downtown a great place. This evolving plan will consolidate the visions put forth by previous plans and identify specific projects which can be implemented to reinvigorate downtown San Antonio and consequently, the city as a whole. Together, we can make a good downtown, a great one!"
This effort builds on their Power of Ten concept that...
"A great place typically has at least 10 things to do in it; a great downtown has at least 10 great places."

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