06 November 2011

Innovation with Impact ~ Gates on Development

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates calls on G20 world leaders to invest in Innovation with Impact: Financing 21st Century Development and offers creative ways to pay for and accelerate prosperity...
"The world is facing urgent short-term and long-term challenges. I hope we focus on the assets we have always relied upon in difficult times. In particular, I hope we emphasize innovation. Scientific and technological innovations will allow us to solve problems that cause significant misery and hold societies back. A malaria vaccine, for example, would change the economic outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa. Better seeds for the crops that poor people rely on -- cassava, maize, millet, rice, and sorghum -- would feed billions, improve nutrition, and guarantee food security for the world. Another kind of innovation -- a fundamental shift in the way we think about development -- will provide amazing opportunities."

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