30 March 2009

Clowns Without Borders ~ Boosting the Bellydex!

Delightful to read in the BBC that Clowns bring smiles to DR Congo! Indeed, Clowns Without Borders -- a.k.a. the Spanish organisation Payasos Sin Fronteras -- a.k.a. Clowns.org -- is on a mission to conflict-torn Goma, DR Congo to help the many refugee children overcome their trauma, or at least smile and laugh and think of something else for a while. They do this by bringing a bit of circus and crazy performance art to challenging situations and appealing especially to the kids. Fantastic! This reminds me of one of my favorite conversations with genius inventor engineer Saul Griffith when he floated his idea for a Bellydex -- some measurement or index of how frequently and richly people laughed. And not just any laugh, really raucous belly laughs;-) Saul's idea was that this would probably be a far better indicator of human vitality and resilience than any other. Well, here's a whirlwind summary of the Clowns Without Borders contribution to boosting the bellydex!

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