06 March 2009

Diane Darling ~ Doyenne of Venture Networking

Hey, one of my favorite people is in the local news today! Diane Darling, venture networker extraordinaire and founder of Effective Networking, is the subject of Irene Sege's Boston Globe piece A savvy, sought-after survivor of debt... My MIT colleagues Joe Hadzima and Yonald Chery and I invited Diane to address our Nuts & Bolts of Business Plans class this past January 2009 because so much of the "plan" is in fact the people and the process these people go through while planning! They get to know each other, their strengths and weaknesses, their core motivations, and their abilities to focus, persevere, thrive, get-it-done, and more. That's where Diane's advice enhances entrepreneurial effectiveness.

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Unknown said...

Joost -

You're so wonderful! Thank you for your kind comments.

Best ~ Diane