19 March 2009

Underwater Volcanoes ~ Extreme Geothermal;-)

I had just read Thomas Massie's latest post on Geothermal in his timberframe home when I happened upon The Big Picture spotlighting this amazing underwater volcanic eruption off of Tonga in the Pacific. Talk about extreme geothermal! Maybe I'm overly cautious, but aren't these people and photographers ridiculotastically close to a major geo-tectonic event?! Read about Krakatoa and its tsunami aftermath!


Thomas Massie said...


Wouldn't it be awesome if we could harness the power of lightning, or the power in a hurricane (extreme wind power?!) Or even the extreme hydro-power of a 1 inch rainstorm distributed over 1200 acres... I mean catch it in the sky so we could get at least a quarter mile of head. So many sources to tap, so little time (And such crappy batteries). :)

Tyson said...

We have a volcano going right now that you and Thomas can come harness some heat out of. I just saw your link on Thomas' site and having a groundsource geothermal system myself, look forward to reading through your posts.