03 March 2009

Geoffrey von Maltzahn ~ Top MIT Grad Inventor!

Congratulations to Geoffrey von Maltzahn for winning the 2009 $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Invention Prize! Geoff's particular inventions are both a new class of targeted thermal cancer therapeutics and a new approach for enhancing drug delivery to tumors and have already lead to eight patent applications, nearly twenty papers, and starting up two companies, Nanopartz and Resonance Therapeutics. Today's prize announcement also spotlighted runner-up finalists Aviva Presser and Erez Lieberman and last night's special event hosted by past Lemelson-MIT honoree David Berry at Flagship Ventures featured the rest of the candidates for the prize including such fantastic people as Amos Winter, Alex Sappok, Leo Bonnani, Anna Jaffe, and more!

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