08 July 2009

Ainissa Ramirez ~ Materials Innovations & More!

I'm really delighted to have interviewed Professor Ainissa Ramirez on MaximizingProgress.tv about her research work in smart metals and materials innovations and her civic interest in inspiring and educating kids everywhere via Science Saturdays! Ainissa was not only an honoree in the Technology Review TR100 young innovators program, but has been a Martin Luther King Visiting Professor at MIT, which is how we met. Actually, Ainissa was especially interested in our Howtoons project so she made a point of dropping by and saying hello. Very serendipitous, my favorite way! What she and colleagues are doing with Science Saturdays is exemplify the excitement of research and the passion of scientists to kids of all ages! Plus she's authored Demoworks, a book of rich science experiences via demonstrations!

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