12 July 2009

IDDS 2009 ~ Int'l Dev't Summit @ KNUST Ghana

Many of my MIT IDI International Development Initiative and D-Lab colleagues are at KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana for IDDS 2009, the latest International Development Design Summit! MIT's David Chandler writes about their activities in his piece 'Crazy mind, able hands' where he spotlights the core IDDS ethos...
"...hands-on work to develop real solutions to developing-world problems -- in an extremely limited amount of time. Lots of action, not so much talk."
Check out the summit blog and the overall IDDS website for more info! If you're able to swing by Kumasi this coming week, Tuesday, 14th July there is a talk open to the public by Paul Polak, Founder of International Development Enterprises and Author of Out of Poverty.

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