04 July 2009

Urgent Solutions ~ Rapid-Deploy Infrastructure

Very interesting to read Rental Power for Pakistan by Megha Bahree in the Forbes Asia Magazine about entrepreneurial fixes to Pakistan's unreliable electricity. Witness Iqbal Ahmed's "rental" generating plant outside Lahore, meaning...
"Small power plants built quickly and rented out to federal power authorities. Cities globally have, on occasion, used short-term equipment rentals to fill a special need, such as hosting the Olympics. Ahmed's plants are larger (at 50 to 205 megawatts) and longer lasting. They can be put up in six months, as opposed to the minimum three years required for a larger permanent power plant. A typical Associated contract lasts from three to five years, at the end of which Associated can dismantle and move the equipment or renew the pact. Ad hoc is sometimes the best way to do business in as volatile a place as Pakistan."
Fantastic stuff, with rapidly deployable infrastructure providing viable urgent solutions.

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