16 July 2009

End Of The Line ~ Overfishing Of The Oceans?

Thanks to Swiss Consul Pascal Marmier for reminding me of SEED Magazine earlier today. SEED has a provocative piece by Maywa Montenegro on Finding Fish with several experts discussing the global fisheries crisis. This, in turn, pointed me to The End of the Line, a new documentary film about the extreme art and science of "The Catch" resulting in unsustainable overfishing. The trailer... I'm more convinced than ever that what we have in the open oceans is a tragedy of the commons whose solution is propertization -- creating compelling and enforceable property rights and thus bringing economic self-interest and modernity to bear in water much like enclosures and the end of forest-hunting and free-ranging meant on land. More generally, we need to perfect ecosystems engineering so as to grow and harvest entire fishy food chains in a sustainable fashion. And that certainly includes aquaculture, as evidenced by this piece...

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