19 July 2009

A Slum Insight ~ Achieving Vital Urban Solutions

What if the Billions of Dollars spent on flying a handful of humans to the Moon were instead invested in urban innovations and slum solutions? Or what if the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars burned by boneheaded warmongers in the name of "Defense" were instead invested in development ventures, entrepreneurial finance, and prosperity innovations? View this video and get A Slum Insight into what problems need urgent solutions...

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Al said...

Eradicating poverty should be the top goal of our species, no question about it. The benefits are reaped not only by the poor, but all of humanity.

However, it is a fallacy that shifting funds from space exploration or any other area that invloves scientific and technological research) will help accomplish this -though it's true that only a small fraction of military spending goes to research, it still has important side benefits (such as the Internet) -not so of space exploration, which has proved to have a very high ROI.

My point is, one of the worst things you can do, if you want to eradicate poverty, is to cut research funding, regardless of the industry. If we want to maximize progress, we must expand research funding, not curb it.