10 October 2010

Nobel Chinese ~ Saluting Peaceful Liu Xiaobo!

Chinese intellectual, writer, human rights activist, and political prisoner Liu Xiaobo has been honored as Nobel Peace Prize winner 2010 for...
"his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China."
This is a major honor for Liu and the Chinese people, one which the illegitimate, unelected, and dictatorial Politburo fears and has therefore condemned and censored via their Great Firewall. Regretably, none of the billion-plus Chinese citizens in-country can read my post because of this narrow elite's irrational and uncivilized reaction. This is stunningly contradictory to the Poliburo's assertions about China's Peaceful Rise. And given their recent aggressive assertiveness, one has to wonder whether their true intentions are not far more evil and rapacious. In any case, Nobelist Xiaobo deserves the civilized free world's unstinting praise and support.

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