24 October 2010

TEDxHolyLand ~ Meaningful Paisraelistine Talks

Very compelling to see the women behind TEDxHolyLand...
"Palestinian Hanan Kattan and Israeli Liat Aaronson are ostensibly from two very different sides of the spectrum. But during one short week at the TEDIndia conference two women, whose backgrounds define them as enemies, found their common values and humanity. TEDxHolyLand is not an attempt to forget the past or brush over it. But it is an acknowledgment that the future can only improve with vision and the courage to think differently [...] The focus of the day will be on empowerment of women. [...] The conference is built on a series of 18-minute talks by women on both sides of the divide, interspersed throughout the morning with shorter talks and musical pieces. Following the TED tradition, the speakers list will be unveiled in the last week before the conference. TEDxHolyLand has a special mission: to bring this inspirational tool to one of the world’s most troubled regions, and leverage it for productive, fruitful communication among people on opposite sides of the divide. It’s time!"

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