13 October 2010

Female Factor ~ French Fitness & Inequality

Katrin Bennhold in the NYTimes writes that For Women In France, Dim Outlook On Equality, noting that despite intensive...
"...vaginal gymnastics, complete with personal trainer, electric stimulation devices and computer games that reward particularly nimble squeezing [things are not as glorious as they might seem. Indeed] French women seem to have it all: multiple children, a job and, often, a figure to die for. What they don’t have is equality: France ranks 46th in the World Economic Forum’s 2010 gender equality report, trailing the United States, most of Europe, but also Kazakhstan and Jamaica. [...] French women earn 26 percent less than men but spend twice as much time on domestic tasks. They have the most babies in Europe, but are also the biggest consumers of anti-depressants. [...] "French women are exhausted"
Could it be the exercise régime?
"[Says] Valérie Toranian, editor-in-chief of Elle magazine in France, "We have the right to do what men do -- as long as we also take care of the children, cook a delicious dinner and look immaculate. We have to be superwoman."
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