26 October 2010

NeuroVista ~ Dan DiLorenzo @ MIT Neuroven!

Great to have Dr Dan DiLorenzo join us again in MIT Neurotechnology Ventures to share lessons from his experience in founding and building NeuroVista. His talk, A war story behind the founding of NeuroVista (f.k.a. BioNeuronics) -- Conceptualization to commercialization of a novel technology to treat Epilepsy revealed to our students some really crucial tips and to-do's. Dan's a real renaissance man -- medical device entrepreneur, physician-scientist, and inventor of multiple technologies for treating neurological disorders. He earned several degrees from MIT and Harvard -- at least SB, SM, MBA, MD/PhD -- plus many honors including the TR100 and Lemelson-MIT Student Inventor Prize. After he first got interested in control systems and robotics in Junior High, Dan ended up at MIT working on neurostimulation and rehabilitation and even launched his first commerical product, Sleep-Dry, to help kids avoid bedwetting. Today a Neurosurgery Resident at University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), he has most recently founded Barinetics and DiLorenzo Biomedical, both still largely stealth-mode ventures. Stay tuned!

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