13 October 2010

Ting Shih ~ ClickDiagnostics Mobile Telehealth!

Superb to have MIT alumna entrepreneur Ting Shih join me on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! Ting co-founded ClickDiagnostics and now ClickMedix, the mobiles-enabled telehealth services venture, on the basis of her team project in our MIT Development Ventures class! Their mission and passion is to...
"...provide affordable and sustainable health care using mobile technologies, anywhere in the world. [This means] Community health-workers, serving as conduits to remote health services, can serve as a critical instrument of the public health infrastructure; Use of prevalent and inexpensive mobile technologies as key in empowering health-workers; Access to real-time data as key to planning and executing effective health interventions; Developing a community-level entrepreneurship based model for service delivery as a key component of sustainability."
Among other recent advances, Click is partnered with the American Academy of Dermatology to provide tele-dermatology service to free clinics in the US and Canada. And here Ting is after her Gray Fellowship from MIT's Public Service Center! MIT Tech TV

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