10 October 2010

Model Tycoon ~ Kellaway on Elle's Bras & Brand

Elle Reveals All in this piece by the FT's Lucy Kellaway...
"Unlike other celebs who have lent their names to a product, she is intimately involved in every bra, every tag, in the sort of metal stands they are displayed on, the sort of stores they are sold in. All must be agreed by the Creative Director, Elle Macpherson. [... Soon] it’s nearly time to go and inspect Elle’s new knickers. But before we do so I want to talk to her about her telly show, Britain’s Next Top Model, which reached its glorious ­conclusion on Monday. The programme ­consists of emaciated young women competing to look the sexiest while eating malodorous fruit and hanging from trees. The trouble is that they all look ugly amateurs next to Elle [...] How is she finding being a more mature woman? As a prompt, I tell her I’m finding it a real downer and that I’m four years further into it than she is. “You don’t look it,” Elle says, suddenly releasing her hair from its topknot and letting it tumble over her shoulders. “You look much younger than I do.” She gives me another of those enormous, slightly chilly smiles. I protest at this lunatic attempt at flattery, but she insists until I turn to the unfortunate PR girl and ask for an independent opinion. Caught between the rock of contradicting her client and the hard place of saying that her client looks more aged than an addled hack, the hapless young woman looks alarmed. Then, brilliantly, she skirts the question altogether and mutters something about my skin."

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