05 October 2010

DIY Neuroventure ~ Backyard Brains @ MIT

We were very fortunate to have Dr Tim Marzullo join us in MIT Neurotechnology Ventures. Tim's co-founder of Backyard Brains which makes experimental neuroscience accessible to kids of all ages by offering...
"a series of exciting and affordable entry-level Brain Recording Kits that provide the ability for students of all ages to learn about neurons. For the first time ever, school children and amateur scientists will have access to similar tools used by neuroscientists worldwide to study Electrophysiology: the electrical activity of neurons. By following a few simple steps, everyone can experience how the brain is able to communicate our senses, memories, hopes, and desires!"
Backyard Brains thus plays a key role in advancing STEM education, the open science movement, and supporting Citizen Scientists generally. See here 45 girls who made their own neuro tools... And, of course, check out how to use the SpikerBox to probe and even stimulate cockroach legs! Order your SpikerBoxes, electrodes, and parts online!

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