29 December 2008

Carfree Cities ~ Lovable, Peaceful, Dense, Great...

I'm delighted to see that Carfree Cities by J H Crawford has a sister book, the Carfree Design Manual and a corresponding website about the theme, Carfree! Crawford answers the questions...
"What would happen if we designed a city to work without any cars? Would anyone want to live in such a city? Does it make social, economic, and esthetic sense? Is it possible to be free of the automobile while keeping the rapid and convenient mobility it once offered?"
Having cities completely Carfree is one end of a spectrum whose other end is Carnivorous -- i.e. overwhelmed and eaten alive by automobiles.

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Unknown said...

A curious thing I've noted is that lots of people choose to vacation and photograph car-free cities. The island I go to in Maine (Monhegan) is essentially carfree.

All those beautiful European and Mediterranean towns Americans love to visit are the same (Tuscan hill towns, Venice, many many steep cliff-built seaside villages).

I think we fear that real commerce couldn't possible take place in a car-free place. Amsterdam would demonstrate otherwise.

Ultimately, I don't think we have to go all the way to car-free. But how about almost all cars being shared cars? which would dramatically limit the number of them, and have the corollary that routine life for the average person was definitely car-independent.