24 December 2008

First Earthrise ~ Humans Peer Back At Our Cradle!

Today the BBC reminds us that it's Happy Birthday Earthrise...
"Forty years ago, the biggest TV audience in history tuned in to watch humankind's first close encounter with another world, as the crew of Apollo 8 reached lunar orbit. Here, the Apollo historian and film-maker Dr Christopher Riley gives his perspective on the mission and how that Christmas Eve of 1968 changed the world..."
NASA astronaut Frank Borman grabbed a camera which...
"...only had a black and white film magazine in, resulting in the image above -- the first photograph of Earthrise taken by a human as he watched it happen."
FYI, earlier this year, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) successfully captured an HDTV video of a full-Earthrise using their Kaguya lunar explorer satellite... Epic! The first baby steps in moving Beyond Our Cradle! (Be sure to see also Andrew Revkin's independent homage!)

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