10 December 2008

MIT Nextlab 2008 ~ Mobile Phone Innovations!

I just saw the ever so nice finale projects presentations of the MIT Nextlab 2008 class run by Jhonatan Rotberg and Luis Sarmenta. The students shared their progress on several marginally compelling prototype solutions to design challenges posed by distributed partners, including...
  • NextMap ~ Disaster management and environmental monitoring (with CRS, India; Innovgreen, Vietnam)
  • Moca ~ Mobile Care and Diagnostics (with Centers for E-Health and Tele-Medicine in Southeast Asia)
  • Baby Blog ~ Boosting School Readiness (with Thrive in Five, Mayor's Office, Boston)
  • Giving Farmers a Fighting Chance ~ Fair Price Market-Making (with ITESM Zacatecas, Mexico)
  • Get New Money ~ Multilevel marketing for microfinance (with COBIS, Ecuador)
  • Mobile Commerce Interface ~ Informing Purchase Decisions (with United Villages, India)
  • Fellows Forum ~ A Mobile Social Network for Students (with Telmex, Mexico)
These MIT student team projects are alone interestingly nice, but despite this, my favorite aspects of the Nextlab class is the creative collaboration with fourteen Emerson students and recent alumni who shoot, edit, and produce videos to cast these MIT projects to a broader web audience. Even if the projects are lame, the promo is great...

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