20 December 2008

Design That Matters ~ Innovations For The Poor

Very nice to see MIT alumnus Tim Prestero and his non-profit spinout DesignThatMatters (or DtM) featured together with CIMIT in a recent NYTimes article Looking Under the Hood and Seeing an Incubator by Madeline Drexler...
"The heat source is a pair of headlights. A car door alarm signals emergencies. An auto air filter and fan provide climate control. But this contraption has nothing to do with transportation. It is a sturdy, low-cost incubator, designed to keep vulnerable newborns warm during the first fragile days of life. Unlike the notoriously high-maintenance incubators found in neonatal intensive care units in the United States, it is easily repaired, because all of its operational parts come from cars. And while incubators can cost $40,000 or more, this one can be built for less than $1,000..."
This incubator was done by DtM with CIMIT, or the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology in Boston, which has a Global Health Initiative, headed by Dr Kris Olson. (Olson, btw, was spotlighted just recently in a nice Globe article by Billy Baker titled He is 'The Man' of life-saving devices.)

DtM has several other projects, including one of my favorites, Kinkajou, a low-cost, low-power info-projector for literacy and education... And check out Tim doing a general promo...

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