01 January 2009

Edge Question ~ What Will Change Everything?

As Xconomy and others note, Edge's Annual Question is a good one:
"What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?" -- John Brockman, Edge Editor and Publisher
Answers aplenty, including:
  • A New Kind of Mind --Kevin Kelly
  • Molecular Manufacturing --Ed Regis
  • Life (Or Not) on Mars --Rod Brooks
  • Mastering Death --Marcelo Gleiser
  • Superintelligence --Nick Bostrom
  • Radiotelepathy --Freeman Dyson
  • Live to 150 --Greg Benford
  • Psychological Optimization --Brian Knutson
  • Accidental Nuclear War --Max Tegmark
  • True Lie Detection --Sam Harris
...and dozens more.

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