31 January 2009

Failed States ~ Concentrations of Global Danger

The Economist spotlights Failed States: Fixing a Broken World noting that "the planet’s most wretched places are not always the most dangerous." Not surprisingly, the best form of national security is finally being appreciated to be international development...
"In America these days, defence planners say they worry more about weak states, even non-states, than about strong ones. “Ungoverned, undergoverned, misgoverned and contested areas” offer fertile grounds for terrorists and other nefarious groups. [...] Large chunks of its language could have been issued by bleeding-heart aid agencies or the United Nations: it speaks of the need to “build the capacity of fragile or vulnerable partners” and to address “local and regional conflicts” that exacerbate tensions and encourage drug-smuggling, gun-running and other illegality. To the chagrin of old-school sceptics, nation-building is now an integral part of American strategy."
Great! Maybe we'll see USAID and even more entrepreneurial development efforts properly funded going forward.

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