24 January 2009

Meet Your Meat ~ Dutch TV Visits Slaughterhouse

As an urbanized carnivore (or really, an omnivore, but let's focus on the meaty part), I have been totally ignorant of the full food-chain from raising the animals through cooking them. And I was especially ignorant of the slaughter. Lamb chops, steak tips, breakfast bacon, lobster roll, grilled chicken sandwich are all simply things I either buy at the market or order at the restaurant. So I was quite interested to stumble across Eet Smakelijk, a six-part Dutch TV show which invites celebrities to go with the host -- top-chef Leon Mazairac -- to visit a slaughterhouse and to watch-and-participate in every step of the process going from live animal to ultimately eating the resulting meat as part of a chef-cooked meal. It's a simple concept, but fascinating -- and it clearly helps contemporary consumers become more fully-informed about what's behind their foods. If you're curious -- and not too squeamish -- watch for yourself: Lamb, Cow, Pig, Lobster, Chicken, and Wild Boar. After seeing these, I'm now curiously hungry!

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