06 January 2009

Global Health ~ CIMIT on Emergent Care Solutions

I'm sitting right now in the CIMIT weekly forum. Today's session is on the theme of Global Health lead by Dr Kris Olson and titled Getting It Right in Global Health Technology Development. Guest speaker John Sherry -- most recently from Intel Digital Health, going to Gates Foundation next -- talked on Systems Thinking: Using the Tools of Ethnography and Technology to Transform Healthcare Delivery which means urging human-centered research as a tool for design. And my colleague and second guest speaker Jose Gomez-Marquez spoke about the Innovations in International Health Initiative at MIT. As Kris and colleagues describe it:
A transition of technological design for Global Health is underway. The developing world has graveyards of medical devices that were not designed for the settings where they are found. Delivery systems are not functioning and beleaguered health care providers cannot keep up. An intersection of disciplines ranging from clinical, public health, anthropology, design, engineering, and business is needed. Insights of would-be users of equipment and those that stand to maintain them are essential components to develop life-saving technologies for areas where necessity should be the mother of innovation.

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