12 January 2009

Greening MIT ~ Walking The Talk in a Living Lab

I just sat through the Greening MIT kickoff of the Energy Futures Week. Lots of effort around personal behavior modification. David Chandler wrote a nice review of the kickoff titled Going Green Saves MIT Green. While I'm a big fan of Walking The Talk and getting practical and tactical things done, I really do hope that this MIT initiative is just the beginning of a larger visioning exercise. We need to make a truly serious commitment to doing something transformative in energy, environment, and sustainability. Something like I wrote about in both my MIT 2020 and Energy is Not Enough pieces. I'm also pleased to see Jason Jay taking a real leadership role in catalyzing action towards Greening MIT, something we've talked about for a couple years now. Indeed, one of my first blog posts was after Jason and I, together with Elsa Olivetti, had a wonderful discussion about the prospects for MIT as a Living Lab for learning about sustainability at scale, something we imagined as some kind of LEED Campus initiative (escalating on the LEED Buildings movement).

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