01 January 2009

Prototype This! ~ MIT's Zoz Brooks Hacks Away!

Nice to see MIT Media Lab alum Zoz Brooks continuing his hackish ways on the Discovery TV show Prototype This! together with crew of inventive and crafty colleagues. Here's a clip about Zoz's tools and several other clips on YouTube and on the Official Website. And be sure to read Zoz's post in Tech Review on Hackophilia 2.0: Why I cohost a TV show that brings the joy of engineering to the masses. Quoth he:
"In all honesty, I wrestled for a long time over whether to take the job. Isn't television an enormous flickering leech on our collective flesh? Every minute someone spends plunked down in front of the box is another minute that's sucked away from art and invention. Did I really want the skills I'd been lucky enough to hone at MIT put to use making an entertaining diversion for the masses? What tipped the balance was the reaction to another show I'd done four years before: apparently, it had inspired more than one MIT undergrad's application. So maybe hijacking the luminous feeding tube to spark that extra minute's interest in science and engineering is a hack in itself. I signed up."

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