31 January 2009

Energy Innovations ~ MIT Yunus Challenge 2009

It's fantastic to see the subject of the MIT Yunus Innovation Challenge to Alleviate Poverty 2009 -- Energy Innovations -- specifically affordable, small-scale energy storage.
"Each year, the Yunus Challenge highlights a need of the world’s poor and enables MIT students to develop solutions through a variety of mechanisms, including Public Service fellowship grants, the IDEAS Competition and D-Lab. The Challenge, named in honor of 2006 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus, was initiated and also supported by MIT alumnus Mr. Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, supporter of the MIT International Development Initiative, and benefactor of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab at MIT (J-PAL)"
This year the theme is...
"innovative small-scale energy storage solutions to help alleviate poverty. Solutions must address the needs of people living on less than $2 per day. Solutions are not limited to electrical storage; applicants are encouraged to consider other types of storage, such as storing thermal or mechanical energy. However, solutions should focus on storage and not on insulation or other energy-related issues."
Get engaged!

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