20 April 2009

Credible Hope ~ Paul Collier on Bottom Billion

See Paul Collier of the Centre for the Study of African Economies at Oxford at TED on providing Credible Hope to the bottom billion people in Earth's poorest countries. Collier draws from the historical precedence of the US investing in post-WWII Europe. As I've written about before in Paul Collier on How to Tackle Africa's Challenges, he spotlights four pillars of Aid, Trade, Security, and Governance and especially focuses on strengthening governance, mutual systems of support. He's optimistic because of the commodity boom which -- even with global economic downturn -- still flows an enormous amount of money into developing countries. But how can this money be maximally effective? He wants international standards to stick with in order to harness resource boom in a way that's transparent, verified, and beneficial to the people. Persuasive stuff. As one wag put it...
"Collier is not charismatic, but his arguments are compelling."

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