30 April 2009

Shared Solutions ~ Robin Chase in 2009 Time 100

Congratulations to MIT Sloan alumna Robin Chase for being named a 2009 Time 100 Builder & Titan! The salute is written by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark who notes...
"The culture of the internet, at its best, involves people working together to make life better. Sometimes called cooperative capitalism or social entrepreneurship, it is practiced every day by millions of individuals and a small but growing number of for-profit companies. [...] Robin's work [founding Zipcar carshare and GoLoco rideshare] illustrates what's best about people using the Internet: not well-intentioned yet futile do-goodism but business that's also a community service. It's about people using the Internet to work together in the service of one another."
Great stuff. We need many more such shared solutions!

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