11 April 2009

New Rwanda ~ Towards an Innovation Economy

A texting entrepreneur embodies spirit of a new Rwanda writes Matthew Clark in the CSMonitor about Jeff Gasana's regional cellphone-banking aspirations in East Africa for his Rwandan mobile services company SMS Media...
"...the past few years have seen remarkable economic progress -- skyrocketing Rwanda from a regional backwater to a can-do hub for technology and trade. Now, Rwanda's butter-smooth roads are the envy of Africa, investors are pouring money in, and modern glass office buildings line the hills of the capital, Kigali, helping the country earn its status as the "Singapore of Africa."
As Clark and other CSMonitor pieces about 15 Years After Genocide note, there are still deep-seated challenges in Rwanda, but the promise and progress of recent years is tremendous. Also, be sure to check out the in-depth Fast Company Special Report Rwanda Rising: A New Model of Economic Development by Jeff Chu.

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