05 April 2009

Ban A-Bombs ~ Eliminating Immoral Armaments

Dictatorial communist Chinese-puppet rogue state North Korea's unwelcome launch of a ballistic missile -- er, a "scientific exploration rocket" -- has put a spotlight on nuclear weaponry generally. And thankfully, US President Obama is keen to eliminate them altogether. Good riddance, I say, since they -- and all other Weapons of Mass Destruction -- are Fundamentally Immoral armaments. The indiscriminant killing of random humans is neither self-defense nor wise offense under any circumstance. And by this I deliberately lump together Bin Laden's butchery on 9/11 with American anihilation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those were neither necessary nor rationalizable. In the WWII case, the Allies -- knowing they had atomic explosives -- could have waited and even demonstrated their power in a way non-lethal to innocent civilians. And "innocent" is the key word. The average Japanese was no more responsible for Tojo's authoritarian terrors than the average German was for Hitler's hypocrisy or the average Russian was for Stalin's mass slaughter. As I pointed out after hearing of Tsutomu Yamaguchi who was Nuked Twice (as were two others; see TimesOnline Asia Exile for more info), what we need now are rather Tools of Mass Construction!

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