14 April 2009

Business In Gaming ~ BIG Event at MIT Sloan!

Excellent to see that the MIT Sloan Business in Gaming (BiG) Conference is dialing up for delivery on May 8th, 2009. All about the future of Gaming, a multi-billion US$ economic sector with long MIT roots, including...
  • First Computer Game in MIT Lab
  • First Video Game in MIT spinoff company
  • Creators of games such as Ms Pacman and more
  • Alum Founders of Looking Glass, MaK, Turbine, Harmonix, etc
  • Professor Jay Forrester's Urban Dynamics model is behind Will Wright's SimCity
  • Creators of first Management Flight Simulators like Beer Game and People's Express
See also Changing The Game by Edery & Mollick. P.S. I just happened upon Erica Naone's Game Theory piece in Technology Review which goes into depth on several of these historic MIT ties!

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