28 April 2009

Smartphone Peripherals ~ e.g. Ultrasound Imager

Great to read piece by Tony Fitzpatrick at Washington University (WUSTL) on Ultrasound imaging now possible with a smartphone...
"William D. Richard, Ph.D., WUSTL associate professor of computer science and engineering, and David Zar, research associate in computer science and engineering, have made commercial USB ultrasound probes compatible with Microsoft Windows mobile-based smartphones."
This is great because it's one more specific example of mobile smartphones as a platform for plugging in peripherals to enable a whole host of applications, something several of our students in our MIT seminars MAS.964 Imaging Ventures and NextLab II are also pursuing. This is an everywhere technology useful worldwide...
"Twenty-first century medicine is defined by medical imaging," said Zar. "Yet 70 percent of the world's population has no access to medical imaging. It's hard to take an MRI or CT scanner to a rural community without power." Richard and Zar have discussed a potential collaboration with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology about integrating their probe-smartphone concept into a suite of field trials for medical applications in developing countries. "We're at the point of wanting to leverage what we've done with this technology and find as many applications as possible," Richard said."

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