08 November 2009

"I Am..." by Trisha Meili ~ Exceptional Woman!

I just woke up to another compelling episode of the Sunday morning Magic 106.7 radio show, Exceptional Women, this time with co-host Gay Vernon interviewing Trisha Meili, better known as the "Central Park Jogger" who was so brutally assaulted in 1989. After 14 years of recovery and relative seclusion, Trisha realized that as part of her own healing process she needed to share her story and wrote I Am The Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility. In the book and now in motivational talks, Trisha today shares lessons-learned about recovery and resilience and...
"...how to manage through unpredictable change, whether personal, professional, economic or spiritual. Her story has encouraged people worldwide to overcome life's obstacles -- regardless of what they might be -- and get back on the road to life."
Hearing Trisha's poignant examples -- both personal, in recovering from her physical and neurological trauma, and as shared by others on the mend -- in this mornings conversation with Gay was inspiring. Great show, great guests!

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