11 November 2009

Jason Kelly ~ Ginkgo BioWorks Co-Founder...

Excellent to have MIT alum entrepreneur Jason Kelly on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! Jason's co-founder with four other MIT alums of Ginkgo BioWorks, a biological engineering firm dedicated to "...making biology easier to engineer. Ginkgo offers technology to speed the construction of DNA and enable reliable, rapid prototyping of engineered biological systems." Their offices and lab space are located in the Marine Industrial Park in Boston, an up-and-coming biotech hub. During our conversation, Jason described the exponential Synthetic Biology revolution and the powerful role of extracurricular activities like iGEM 2009, the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, in accelerating this movement. His own path is quite interesting too: as an undergrad at MIT, Jason pursued degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biology -- since there was no Biological Engineering degree yet -- and then a PhD in... Biological Engineering! Among his outside activities, Jason is a co-founder of OpenWetWare, a community of life sciences researchers exploring ways to conduct science more effectively, as well as serving as Judge in iGEM.

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