02 November 2009

Trash Is Cash ~ Phillie Says YIMBY to NYC Waste

Thanks to NYTimes reporter Manny Fernandez for spotting that Philadelphians Reap Rewards from New York’s Trash...
"New York City pays Waste Management, the company that runs the landfill complex, and Waste Management in turn pays millions of dollars in fees to its host municipalities, in addition to making other donations and contributions that have turned the landfills into an unusual source of civic pride for many residents. People in Falls Township have their trash picked up for free by Waste Management. The company donated four-wheel-drive vehicles to the Morrisville Police Department. Nearly 740 people in Tullytown recently received checks in the mail, an annual gift to property owners [who] used to get $1,500 each. But business is booming at the landfills: This year, each check was for $5,000 [...] "New York’s trash is our cash," chuckled Dan Dougherty, a 56-year-old foreman watching Game 2 on Thursday night at Dacey’s Pub on West Philadelphia Avenue in Morrisville."
NIMBY? No way. Here it's YIMBY!

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