03 November 2009

Natural Recycling ~ 5,000 Larvae vs 2 Fish!

Thanks to my MIT D-Lab colleague Gwyn Jones for spotting this enthralling timelapse footage of 5,000 Larvae dining on 2 Fish! This kind of natural recycling is actually quite important. Indeed, the Swiss Eawag Aquatic Research Institute's Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries has an entire Solid Waste Management research theme dedicated to the Conversion of Organic Refuse by Saprophages (CORS)...
"Saprophages are all organisms feeding of dead or decaying matter. Typical examples are earthworms, millipedes or insect larvae. Conversion of organic refuse by saprophages is an innovative technique to treat organic waste in low and middle-income countries, with degraded organic matter and saprophage organisms themselves as treatment products."
The resulting end-products are in-turn used as feed for fish farms or other livestock or are otherwise converted to beneficial use.

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