28 July 2010

IDDS 2010 Finale ~ Designs for Dissemination!

Very exciting to see IDDS 2010 happen this Summer! Nine very compelling concepts advanced with a special emphasis on Designs for Dissemination...
  1. Abari ~ Bamboo processing system in Nepal;
  2. AYZH ~ Water filter in India targeted towards women;
  3. FieldsFuel ~ Transforming Haitian agricultural waste into fuel;
  4. JustMilk ~ Nipple shield to prevent HIV spreading;
  5. LoCI ~ Safer way to clean water with chlorine;
  6. Running Water ~ Household water filter in Africa;
  7. Small Engines ~ Irrigation for smaller farms in Asia;
  8. SIO ~ Solar heating systems in Brazil;
  9. Sollys ~ Solar lights in the Himalayas.

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