19 July 2010

Automation & Parking ~ Robostorage Solutions

Time to revisit again the suite of solutions for automating and densifying and deuglitizing car parking. If you spend any time at all in a sprawlville area you know that the dominant use of nearby ground level space is not gardens or widewalks or greenery or bikelanes or any actively useful and aesthetically pleasing asset. Most street and open space is swallowed up by car storage. Our very best locations are dedicated to warehousing metal and plastic ugliness. What's the alternative? Enter robostorage solutions! First, Automotion Parking's install surveyed by Popular Mechanics... Second, Apex Skypark... Third, FATA Skyparks... And PerfectPark -- which has the USA rights for TreviPark... And thanks to Paul at GeekPress for spotting this Wöhr Multiparker. What I'm especially keen on is combining this efficient, secure, affordable storage mechanism with parking spot markets and economic mechanisms for true-pricing car use and mobiles & mPayments to call for your car efficiently in anticipation of your needing it.

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