07 July 2010

Piruze Sabuncu ~ Challenge Project & Turkey...

Great to have HBS alumna Piruze Sabuncu join me on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! Piruze's co-founder of The Challenge Project with classmate Justin Wieland, an initiative which rallies different members of a social group -- i.e. friends, family, colleagues, whoever is relevant -- towards accomplishing meaningful shared challenges, especially ones with a health and fitness dimension! By allowing marathoning Moms to compete equally with golfer Grandpas on common-basis achievement goals, they bridge time and distance and help people developed a powerful, shared wellness. Very interesting to hear of their next steps and plans going forward. Piruze and I also spoke about her homeland, Turkey, and the tremendous opportunities open to this Eurasian crossroad country. Whether investment and development in Europe or the Middle East or Russia or Central Asia or Africa or elsewhere, Turkey is incredibly well positioned for growth and dynamism!

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