25 January 2011

MIT Entrepreneurs Panel ~ Tue 1/25 6p...

I moderated the MIT Entrepreneurs Panel on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 in the Stata Center as part of 15.975 The Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans! Participants included...
  • Dr. Conor Walsh -- MIT MechE PhD alumnus, instructor of Harvard Medical Device Design class, co-founder of Robopsy, MIT $100K Grand Prize Winner 2007
  • Satayan Mahajan -- MIT Materials SB alumnus, co-founder & CEO of Motus Games
  • Owen Johnson -- MIT EECS SB alumnus, co-founder of Betaspring startup incubator, plus co-founder of other ventures including Interdimensions and Investment Instruments and social ventures including MakingProgress and ConnectProvidence
  • Prof Michael Cima -- MIT Materials faculty, co-founder of TARIS Biomedical, plus co-founder of other ventures including MicroCHIPS, T2, and Entra.
It was excellent!

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