25 January 2011

Carchitecture ~ Stunning Space in the Vital City!?

Hilarious to see Michael Barbaro's piece in the NYTimes, A Miami Beach Event Space. Parking Space, Too about carchitecture...
"...here in Miami Beach, whose aesthetic is equal parts bulging biceps and fluorescent pink, bridal couples, bar mitzvah boys and charity-event hosts are flocking to what seems like the unimaginable marriage of high-end architecture and car storage: a $65 million parking garage in the center of the city. They are clamoring to use it for wine tastings, dinner parties and even yoga classes. Or taking self-guided tours, snapping photographs and, at times, just gawking. Created by a colorful Miami developer and a world-renowned architecture firm, it appears to be an entirely new form: a piece of carchitecture that resembles a gigantic loft apartment, with exaggerated ceiling heights, wide-open 360-degree views and no exterior walls."
Aesthetic or artrocity? You decide;-)

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