22 October 2011

A Different Future ~ PETISOS w/ Bariloche Kids

CNN's Brittany Stahl shares the heroic story of Elena Durón Miranda and her PETISOS colleagues Rescuing children from a trash dump...
"...children as young as 3 years old rummage through a trash dump for food and valuable materials. [...] many children in Bariloche, a popular city for skiers and tourists in southern Argentina, drop out of school and spend their lives working at the dump. Determined to restore their dignity, Durón Miranda decided to stay in the country and start a nonprofit called PETISOS, which stands for Prevención y Erradicación del Trabajo Infantil SOS -- Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor SOS. The organization aims to provide children with free education and extracurricular programs so they have an alternative to working. [...] "All parents want a better life for their children than what they had," Durón Miranda said. "However, there are times when their situation is so precarious they have no other way out but for the whole family to work and try to make ends meet." [...the parents] realize we're concerned about the children. We give them an incentive to have a better future, a different future."

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