23 October 2011

MIT 100 ~ Prof Winston's Innovation Corp Idea

Professor Pat Winston has a great idea -- The MIT 100 -- a kind of "Innovation Corp" of top global young talent invited to Cambridge and quenched in our creative cauldron...
"Each year, we would welcome to the campus 100 seniors nominated by 100 universities from 100 countries all over the world. We would embed them in MIT dormitories and FSILGs for a senior year and perhaps a fifth year master’s degree. [While MIT has international students and big relations with foreign uni's] few students come from poor countries and none of our deals are with universities in poor countries or universities in the Western Hemisphere or especially universities in poor countries in the Western Hemisphere, such as, say, Haiti. [This would rally] a corps of future world leaders all bonding together with MIT students headed in important directions."
What bold philanthropist will step forward to support this?

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