10 October 2011

Uplifting Innovations ~ On Elevators & Escalators

Several interesting lift & shift innovations have caught my attention recently. First, my MIT Media Lab colleague Kent Larson pointed me to the very inventive Finnish firm NEAPO which makes Tubetowers, modular & retrofitable elevators & shafts... And another colleague Ryan Chin spotted the Helixator, a hybrid escalator x elevator creating a continuous vertical transit system... As I first wrote about a few years ago, MagneMotion employs Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM) for a variety of very compelling movers, including ultra-heavy Navy ammo lifting and this ultra-conveyor... And their most recent Lite lightweight packet automotion offering... On the showy but cool end of things we have this Parisian stairs plus open elevator centerpiece at the Louvre... Finally, an oldie but goodie, the Paternoster...

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