09 October 2011

Flower Towers ~ FT on Forests in the Urban Sky!

Christopher Woodward, director of London’s Garden Museum, writes in the FT about The age of flower towers...
"Architects are tackling the problems of the concrete jungle with ambitious schemes using green technology to grow forests in the sky. [...] The most exciting new tower in the world is under construction in Milan. At 27 storeys high, Bosco Verticale is a splinter beside the Shard, the 87-storey skyscraper under construction in London. What sets the Milan tower apart is that it will be the world’s first vertical forest, with each apartment having a balcony planted with trees. In summer, oaks and amelanchiers will shade the windows and filter the city’s dust; in winter, sunlight will shrine through the bare branches. Bosco Verticale is the vision of Stefano Boeri..."
Fantastic stuff! Read the rest of the FT article and check out the Garden Museum's From Garden City to Green City exhibition link too!

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