25 January 2012

3 Days in Dubai ~ Lovely Vibe City & Peoples!

UniqueDaily spots 3 Days in Dubai! Addendum on 2 Feb 2012 -- the uploader has retroactively prohibited the embed and appears to make it a private video.


Paul Hsieh said...

Dubai has gotten some nice PR lately, especially when it was featured in the new "Mission Impossible 4" movie.

Unfortunately, there's a dark side to Dubai that many in the West don't know about. (The comment at the end by Kirez was especially chilling):


Joost Bonsen said...

Paul, thanks for your note. Yes, indeed, Dubai has inexcusable aspects, including the forced and fraudulent labor conditions Diana emphasizes in her piece, but also sex slavery, as noted in Night Secrets -- http://www.maximizingprogress.org/2011/11/night-secrets-frontline-on-dubais.html -- and like most of the Persian Gulf region, it's occupied by a theocratic dictatorship. While there are distinctly more vs less vicious theocracies in control in the various countries, this system is not to be mistaken for capitalism which combines both free markets and free peoples.